URC and Bird Home Automation unveil new module to enable remote front door control

URC and Bird Home Automation unveil new module to enable remote front door control
Home automation company URC announced recently the release of a door station module that integrates the DoorBird system.

This module enables full IP control of integrated DoorBird door stations. It supports ringing and motion sensor activated functions, plus door opening and night vision switch commands.

Created by Bird Home Automation, DoorBird lets homeowners talk to visitors real-time via smart devices from anywhere in the world. DoorBird offers night vision, cloud-recording, echo and noise cancellation, network connectivity via Wi-Fi or PoE.

The DoorBird two-way module is compatible with the URC Total Control system in the U.S. market, URC said. Also, DoorBird shows off the capabilities of the URC Tabletop Touchscreen Controller (TDC-7100) and In-Wall Touchscreen (TKP-7600), said Doug Cole, URC SVP and General Manager.

These two new 7-inch color touchscreens were designed with door station integration in mind, including built-in audio/video intercom, camera, microphone and speaker features, Cole adds.

The new module supports these DoorBird models: D101, D101S, D201, D201B, D202 and D202B. The DoorBird Integration Guide, available on the URC Control Room dealer website, explains how to integrate a DoorBird door station into URC’s Total Control installation.

Sandra Finn, head of sales and marketing at Bird Home Automation, said, URC, with its expertise in custom remote and home control systems, and DoorBird with its innovative front door technology is a great match for all customers who are looking for a more integrated automation experience.

The US-based URC specializes in smart home automation and control. URC control system user interfaces include touchscreens, handheld remotes, mobile apps and keypads – plus Amazon Alexa intelligent voice control.

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