‘Slide’ turns existing curtains into a smart curtain system in two minutes

‘Slide’ turns existing curtains into a smart curtain system in two minutes
Considering the cost, smart home owners usually do not turn their curtains into a smart one in the first place. Now, there’s a Kickstarter campaign called ‘Slide’ that can change this, saving the hassle of buying new and costly curtain rails.

Innovation In Motion, the company behind Slide, claims that it only takes two minutes to install the system.

Once installed, the user can control the curtains via a mobile app. Simply open the app and slide the screen to spontaneously adjust the curtains. The user can also set up the alarm clock so that the curtains open as the user wakes up. The curtains may automatically open and close following sunrise and sunset.

Slide also has geofencing technology built-in so that it automatically closes the curtains when everyone leaves the house. To close the curtain when the house is empty helps maintain the temperature indoor – to keep cool during the summer and preserve the heat during the cold winter.

Slide also supports the IFTTT (If This Then That) platform, which means it offers the potential to integrate with more smart home devices. For example, the user can press a button on a Flic smartwatch to close nearby curtains, or tell Amazon Echo it’s time to close the curtains.

To fit with different curtain systems, Slide has designed a modular mounting system with different connector sets, which include curtain rails and curtain rods.

To install Slide, the user first needs to replace curtain toppers with the Slide connector, and then attach Slide devices to the Connector with the magnetic seal and thumbscrews. Secondly, connect the wire to the inner end of the curtain with a Slide clip. The company said the process takes less than two minutes and users can follow the installation guide on the Slide app.

A five-centimeter space between the curtain system and the wall is required for installation. It only works on straight horizontal curtain systems, and not around corners.

Slide has successfully reached its pledged objective on Kickstarter. Shipment will start in June 2017.

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