Apple announces routines for Siri and brings Home app to macOS

Apple announces routines for Siri and brings Home app to macOS
Apple’s smart home state of development got some updates at the company’s annual developer event WWDC 2018 – including a customized Siri and the Home app that is arriving on macOS.

The company announced a new app and feature for Siri called Shortcuts for iOS 12. Similar to what Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant do with routines, Shortcuts can trigger a series of actions via one voice command. For example, when users say “heading home,” Siri will start to set the smart thermostat at home to 70 degrees, turn on the fan in the living room, open Maps for navigation and play songs from Apple Music.

With a command like “ready to surf,” the assistant will send a list of suggestions like checking the weather and preparing a beach towel.

With the app, iPhone users can download some shortcuts from third-party apps for Siri and add them to customized Siri commands. After users record a certain phrase for a series of actions and add multiple shortcuts to one command, Siri will execute multiple actions when it hears the phrase.

Since Siri lives inside users’ phones and knows their daily routines, the improved assistant will start to offer suggestions on actions on a locked screen, for instance, to order a cup of coffee from the Starbucks app or to call mom on her birthday.

The Home app

With the arrival of the new macOS Mojave, Apple will add the Home app to Mac computers.

The Home app has lived only in the iOS system. With the update to be released this fall, Mac owners can start to control their smart home gadgets from their PCs.

In addition, Apple announced it is beginning a develop layer integration from iOS to macOS. Therefore, iOS apps can be easily transformed and uploaded to macOS App Store. The Home app to macOS realized how this works.

The iOS to macOS transfer capability will be released to all developers in 2019.

Apple TV

Apple has announced that it will integrate Apple TV with home automation services offered by Control4, Crestron and Savant.

Users who have installed systems from the three companies will be able to talk to Siri and control their Apple TV and other smart home devices.

Apple TV currently works with Canary and Nest apps to remotely monitor security camera feeds.

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