Comcast’s Xfinity Home now works with Philips Hue

Comcast’s Xfinity Home now works with Philips Hue
Smart home service provider Comcast has announced a partnership with Philips Lighting to bring greater convenience to customers who own both Xfinity Home and Philips Hue smart lighting products.

Now, consumers will be able to control Hue lights along with other Xfinity Home devices in one app, besides linking multiple smart devices into action. For example, users can set the light to automatically turn off and simultaneously activate the alarm system when leaving home; or turn on all the lights and activate the alarm system when the security camera detects something unusual in the house.

The connection between various home gadgets in the Xfinity system is called “rules.” The platform supports smart home appliances across categories, including Nest’s thermostat, August’s connected locks, smart switches from Lutron and GE, light bulbs from Sengled, and connected garage door openers.

In the near future, Comcast plans to integrate Philips Hue lights into Xfinity Home’s voice command system, allowing users to control lights with voice using the X1 TV voice remote. As of now, connected security cameras and house alarms already work the voice control system.

“With the Philips Hue family of products, our customers can customize their lighting according to their own needs and daily routines. They can also set up simple automated commands, such as turning on the hallway lights when they enter the home and disarm the system,” said Daniel Herscovici, the senior vice president and general manager of Xfinity Home at Comcast, in an official statement.

Comcast’s Xfinity Home is a smart home subscription service that charges a monthly fee of US$39.95 in a two-year contract. The package comes with a touchscreen controller, a wireless keypad, a motion sensor and three door/window sensors. Users need to pay extra fees to purchase other smart gadgets that work with the platform.

Philips Hue smart lighting products already work with more than 600 apps, products and platforms.

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