Para-Care smart mattress aims to reduce deaths among the elderly in their sleep

Para-Care smart mattress aims to reduce deaths among the elderly in their sleep
Healthcare company Para-Care is due to showcase at CES 2017 its new smart mattress which aims to reduce the number of sudden deaths from coronary diseases among elderly people as they sleep.

The mattress records in real time a person’s heartbeat, respiratory rate and the number of times he or she turns or gets out of bed. Using the data, diagnostic reports are generated for detailed sleep analysis. Any abnormalities will be sent to caregivers or family members remotely on mobile devices.

The mattress conducts physiological monitoring without direct contact with the skin. With embedded agents for wireless connectivity, the smart mattress does not require circuitry, and works with gauzes, pajamas, blankets or other materials.

The smart mattress records and uploads data every second, providing a comprehensive picture of the user’s physiological state. The mattress has a built-in SD card that can store three days’ worth of temporary data in case of an unexpected network disconnection.

The product incorporates Ayla Networks Internet of things (IoT) platform technology to provide timely updates on a sleeper’s physiological condition.

“The Ayla IoT platform gives us the comprehensive, end-to-end IoT solution we need to incorporate intelligent control from the mattress itself to the cloud, and to deliver a reliable, secure connected product,” said Para-Care founder Tim Chen.

Para-Care represents another example of a healthcare success story utilizing the enterprise-class Ayla IoT platform, said Phillip Chang, co-founder, Vice President and General Manager of Greater China of Ayla Networks. “We plan to continue investing in this area so that more people can benefit directly from IoT technology.”

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