Echelon introduces outdoor lighting control architecture to make cities smarter

Echelon introduces outdoor lighting control architecture to make cities smarter
IoT solution enabler Echelon recently introduced a cloud-based central management system and a new IoT gateway to enable its intelligent connected outdoor lighting for city-wide deployment.

The LumInsight connected outdoor lighting control system incorporates a new level of distributed intelligence to help users maximize their lighting control capabilities, the company said.

With the ability to collect data and run programs at the edge of the network, user may realize greater scalability, flexibility and extensibility for current and future applications.

The system consists of LumInsight Cloud CMS, LumInsight IoT Gateway, and intelligent control nodes that connect both wirelessly and using the power line to communicate.

Municipalities and large educational and commercial campuses have increasingly used the LumInsight connected lighting system for their outdoor LED upgrade plans, according to Echelon, as the company uses its technologies to drive the smart city shift.

The Echelon LumInsight 2.1 Cloud CMS is an upgrade to Echelon’s CMS platform that allows cities and campuses to control and monitor lighting schedules and levels by pole, street, neighborhood or city.

The Echelon LumInsight IoT Gateway is a new edge server with distributed intelligence for managing and monitoring infrastructure across a city-wide network.

The new Echelon TOP900TLX-E controller adds built-in GPS capabilities to simplify installation, revenue grade metering for tracking electricity use by fixture, a tilt-sensor to provide automatic alerts of pole knock-downs from accidents or natural disasters, and continual reports on light status, electricity consumption and diagnostic information.

The new Echelon LumInsight CLP4000 Power Line Lighting Controller is designed for connected smart lighting applications using reliable and secure communications over the power line. This controller is ideal for applications such as tunnels and decorative lighting fixtures. It also features faster and smarter transceiver technology, multiple luminaire control options, and native support for advanced analog and digital sensors.

“Piggybacking a complete streetlight network control solution like Echelon’s onto an LED upgrade project provides immediate results and prepares municipal infrastructure for emerging Smart City use cases,” said Dan DeLong, President of Architectural Lighting Designs, Minneapolis, Minn.

“Smart Controls are the only way to make sure that public lighting systems can keep up with future demands for new IOT services, while immediately reducing negative impacts on human health and the environment,” said Bob Parks, Executive Director of Smart Outdoor Lighting Alliance.
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