Ecobee works with Mattamy to put smart thermostats in new homes

Ecobee works with Mattamy to put smart thermostats in new homes
Home builder Mattamy has formed a partnership with Ecobee to build future homes together. Under the deal, all new homes built by Mattamy in North America will include Alexa-enabled smart thermostat Ecobee4.
Mattamy, which is estimated to build 7,000 homes per year, is the largest residential constructor in Canada in cities like Toronto, Ottowa, Calgary and Edmonton. In the U.S., the company has established presence in Arizona, North Carolina and Florida.
In addition to providing a home environment equipped with smart temperature adjustment, voice-control and home automation functionalities, Mattamy wants to utilize user data for energy saving and smart home experience improvement.
Launched last May, the Ecobee4 caught up with the trending Alexa and became the smart thermostat that works like Amazon Echo. Ecobee4 owners can talk to the thermostat and ask Alexa to ask Ecobee4 to adjust the temperature in the room. Users can also play music, ask weather information and control other smart home devices through the Echobee4.
The new product is also compatible with the company’s room sensor technology, which detects whether people are in the room and adjusts temperatures in order to use electricity more efficiently.
Users will be able to control Ecobee4 via the smartphone app, the touchscreen or voice commands. It’s compatible with Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT.
“Ecobee’s products and team members are intensely focused on creating not only innovative solutions but also great experiences for families. As such, our goals and values align perfectly, and we’re looking forward to working with them,” said Peter Gilgan, founder and CEO of Mattamy, in a statement.

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