Legrand announces 20+ partnerships in ‘Works with Legrand’ interoperability program for connected solutions

Legrand announces 20+ partnerships in ‘Works with Legrand’ interoperability program for connected solutions
Legrand announced the launch of its interoperability program “Works with Legrand” on the opening day of CES 2018 with the unveiling of some twenty partnerships with key innovators.

Available in the form of an online portal, “Works with Legrand” gives access to the various resources required by third-party solutions to be able to exchange data with Legrand products: documents, languages, APIs. It thereby gives the group’s
partners an opportunity to connect to its solutions and generate genuine added value for the user by expanding the array of services and functions provided.

Gilles Schnepp, Legrand Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, explains: “By attending CES several times as visitors and then exhibitors, we have established strong ties with other innovators who share our vision of user benefits. The need for interoperability of our solutions soon emerged accordingly, as an essential condition of success for the IoT. On the strength of our new program, ‘Works with Legrand’, and of Eliot, our IoT program, we are now able to meet this need and thus to establish multiple partnerships: in one year, we have gone from 3 partners to over twenty! We are thus constantly enhancing the connected experience and the services accessible to the user via our solutions, wherever they may be.”

“Works with Legrand” opens to start-ups, large groups, manufacturers and service providers alike, while also targeting opinion leaders, project managers and other decision-makers seeking inspiration for the development of new experiences.

Jérôme Boissou, Eliot Program Manager at Legrand, pointed out: “As a market leader, our responsibility is to continue innovating so as to develop suitable infrastructures and encourage the adoption of connected solutions that will facilitate users’ everyday life. To place ourselves at the heart of the user experience, we have chosen to use languages and APIs that are open and interoperable, capable of interacting with third-party systems and of exchanging data, to keep providing additional benefits to users. In this way, we are ensuring that their interests and experience are always the focus of our concerns.”

Jean-Pierre Viannay, Legrand Strategy Advisor, explains: “Our interoperability program, ‘Works with Legrand’, enables us to multiply the possibilities of interaction between our ecosystem and those of our partners, with the aim of providing a bunch
of new services wherever users are present. This way, we aim to facilitate their everyday life, whether it be at home, at work, commuting or travelling.”

As voice control gains ground, the “Works with Legrand” program allows Legrand solutions to communicate with the Amazon Echo voice assistant to imagine additional services for users. To adjust the heating, the user talks to the Amazon Echo voice assistant which receives the order to change the temperature and passes it on to the Legrand Smarther thermostat for execution. Personal assistants such as Amazon Echo can also anticipate and adjust to user demands by gathering and analyzing data. This way, machine learning and artificial intelligence in connected devices are put to work to the user’s benefit.

With the announcement of its collaboration with players from various sectors such as Apple, Amazon, Marriott, Renault, and Somfy, Legrand shows that it is joining forces with both engineering partners, for the development of complex applications, and strategic partners, for co-development of solutions.

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