Hanwha Techwin America’s smart video doorbell can identify visitor face

Hanwha Techwin America’s smart video doorbell can identify visitor face
A smart doorbell equipped with security camera isn’t new in the market. What’s getting more popular is the facial recognition technology. Hanwha Techwin America, whose former name was Samsung Techwin America, has introduced a smart video doorbell which is able to send alerts and recognize faces at the door.

The Wisenet-SmartCam D1 allows users to detect, capture and crop an image of a visitor’s face. Users can even assign certain faces as an “interested face” and give them a name. Once the camera sees the face again, it will send a notification to the companion mobile app as an alert.

When seeing someone whose faces that have not been identified wandering by the front door, the device will also send a notification about the unknown visitor.

The technology is able to differentiate between human faces and other distractions, so that users won’t get notified when a dog passes by, says the company.

The Wisenet-SmartCam D1 also comes with an Abnormal Sound Detection, which will send users an audio alert as the doorbell hears unusual sounds, such as sirens, screaming or glass breaking. The company hopes to bring its customers another layer of security when they are away from the house.

Hanwha Techwin America is not the first company that introduced the facial recognition technology in the smart home market. For instance, Nest is quite famous for its facial recognition ability borrowed from Google. Nest’s technology allows its security camera to distinguish strangers from family members, and will send alerts to users if unfamiliar faces are detected around the house.

The technology is more commonly seen on security cameras than on smart doorbells. Hanwha Techwin America might hold some advantages over Nest which just debuted its smart doorbell with facial recognition recently and it is expected to start shipping in Q1 2018.

Like similar devices in the market, Wisenet-SmartCam D1 comes with a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication, and a 150-degree 1080p full HD camera. It supports Wi-Fi connection and allows users to see live video feeds and talk to the visitors through the mobile app.

The Wisenet-SmartCam D1 is now available for US$249.

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