Stringify allows Comcast’s home automation service to get routine feature

Stringify allows Comcast’s home automation service to get routine feature
Under Comcast’s umbrella for seven months, Stringify recently re-launched its mobile app with a new look and deeper integration with Comcast’s services and also supports more hardware devices.

Similar to IFTTT, Stringify connects various IoT devices and enables automation triggered by certain events. Comcast acquired the service to build up its own home automation service, rather than relying on tech giants such as Google or Amazon. After all, the company has established itself in households with its TV and Internet services.

With the new launch, Stringify is now integrated with Comcast’s TV platform X1 as well as its personalized home Wi-Fi service xFi. In other words, Comcast users can create automated routines using smart home devices and their TVs. They may also have notifications from connected devices shown on big screens.

Possible use cases given by Comcast include changing TV channels automatically when lights are dimmed during family movie night; pausing home Wi-Fi at dinner time; and receiving security camera notifications on TV.

Without smart home devices, homeowners can still utilize this service. For instance, they can set up a reminder to close the garage door when it’s windy outside, or display the commute time at 7am.

In terms of hardware device support, Stringify has added Lutron Caseta dimmers and switches, Serena shades and Carrier’s line of Cor WiFi thermostats. The service was already working with over 500 products before the acquisition.

In addition, Stringify has debuted an Android Wear watch app that allows homeowners to activate home automation “scenes” simply by tapping on the watch screen.

Both Google Home and Amazon Alexa support routines, which trigger a series of actions after getting a voice command. Stringify’s new integration with Comcast will give similar power to Comcast users, although it hasn’t fully integrated with Comcast’s X1 voice remote to enable voice command.
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