SoundHound’s voice AI platform powers conversational experiences across smart products

SoundHound’s voice AI platform powers conversational experiences across smart products
SoundHound, a voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technology company, announced several integrations of its Houndify voice AI platform with products across Internet of Things (IoT) categories, including connected speakers, robotics, home appliances and smart home.

HUMAX has partnered with SoundHound to create HUMAX Speaker with display functionality. Leveraging the Houndify platform, users can make compound and complex queries, and ask follow-up questions without needing to provide context. Users of the new HUMAX speaker will also benefit from Houndify’s ongoing expansion of functionality and domain knowledge without ever needing to activate new “skills.”

With Houndify, Kuri Robot by Mayfield Robotics can hear and understand a variety of commands like “Hey Kuri, tell me a joke,” “go home,” “play my favorite song,” and more. AvatarMind’s iPal Robot integrates Houndify’s voice control to direct movement of the robot and general voice assistant features.

BUNN Sure Immersion Coffee Machine, with Houndify integrated, allows users to operate and interact with it using the wake phrase “OK, Barista…” While the cup of coffee brews, users can ask for the weather, sports updates, nutritional information and more, and the experience can be customized uniquely for brands.

PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame is an easy-to-use, WiFi-connected, touchscreen digital frame that automatically uploads and shares photos and videos from your iPhone, Android and other web-connected devices. Now, with the Hound voice assistant, users can say “OK Hound, show me my albums,” and ask about the weather, local restaurants, set timers and more.

Keyvan Mohajer, cofounder and CEO of SoundHound, said, “Houndify’s platform-agnostic approach allows companies across all verticals to quickly and easily embed a robust conversational voice interface into their products — while still maintaining their brand’s identity — and we’re thrilled to add these new partnerships to our portfolio.”

Houndify claims to be the first independent AI platform that enables developers and business owners to deploy a conversational interface anywhere and retain control of their brand and users. More than 60,000 partners have registered on the Houndify platform since its launch in December 2015, and more than 1,000 distinct products are being Houndified. Strategic partners include the Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT platform and NVIDIA, the company said.

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