Z-Wave Alliance showcases building automation solution at Light + Building 2018

Z-Wave Alliance showcases building automation solution at Light + Building 2018
The Z-Wave Alliance is hosting the Z-Wave Pavilion at Light + Building from March 18 – 23. Exhibitors introduce new products and demonstrate interoperability and collaboration in the Z-Wave smart building and IoT ecosystem.

The Alliance is also demonstrating their installation toolkit that make installation and testing of a Z-Wave smart home mesh network easier for the professional installer community.

The Z-Wave Pavilion features the latest European home automation and connected lighting products, while Z-Wave Alliance members demonstrate smart lighting, thermostats, switches, air quality monitors and more.

Support for the Z-Wave protocol has increased – the Z-Wave Alliance now boasts over 700-member companies and over 2,400 certified Z-Wave devices, representing a growth of over 60% since 2015.

“The European smart building and lighting markets continue to grow, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of the innovation and new technology making up this growth,” said Mitchell Klein, executive director of Z-Wave Alliance. “We’re excited to be back at the show with members who are breaking the mold of what the connected lighting and building markets look like now and will look like in the future.”

Featured members in the Pavilion include CBCC/Swiid, Founded in 2013, French start-up CBCC is exhibiting their Swiid Z-Wave home automation collection. Easy to use, Swiid products have innovative, user friendly functions.

Smart home solution manufacturer Contec is displaying its simple yet attractive suite of Z-Wave plus switches.

CTS is showcasing its brand-new IoT smart gateway, S1, which is ideal for supporting a range of smart building applications like security, safety, comfort and more, and will also have interactive live demonstrations of their other SiMPNiC IoT solutions at work.

Fifthplay is a Belgian tech company specializing in enriching smart homes and buildings. It is demonstrate its IoT platform consisting of an online platform and gateway, as well as other lighting and building product solutions.

Hank Electronics is showcasing its newly designed Smart Plug and in-line Smart Switch, as well as Flood Sensor and Motion Sensor in the Pavilion, and will give attendees a preview of products coming in its roadmap.

Manufacturer MCOHome’s home automation product lines include power switches, thermostats, air quality monitors and customized hardware.

German smart home pioneer POPP presents new devices primarily used for central control of connected homes including the 433 expansion module, which allows for devices with the popular 433MHz radio frequency to be connected to the POPP HUB control center and integrated into scenes with Z-Wave devices. Another new product is the POPP Home Gateway, a Z-Wave compact camera and gateway combination.

Sorel will be presenting its °CALEON Z-Wave Smart Thermostat, which features a capacitive TFT touch panel for comfortable remote control and optimized heating and cooling comfort.

Other manufacturers in the Pavilion include Aeotec, Gerber Prime, Oomi (by Fantem), Philio, Schwaiger “Home4You”, Star Vedia, Steinel, TechniSat, Vision Security. These manufacturers, many of which are also Alliance members, are demonstrating new products for energy monitoring, touch panels, TV control, and more.

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