2GIG expands security solution with five new security sensors at ISC West 2018

2GIG expands security solution with five new security sensors at ISC West 2018
Demonstrating its commitment to provide dealers and end-users with a comprehensive line of security products for the home and beyond, Nortek Security & Control (NSC) today announced the launch of five new 2GIG sensors including Stove & Grill Guard, Trigger Lock Detector, Water Leak Detector, Driveway Motion Detector, and Outdoor Window/Door Sensor. Live demo can now be found at ISC West 2018.

“The expanded range of 2GIG intelligent sensors provides security professionals with diverse, easily installable solutions, and gives homeowners added peace-of-mind,” said NSC Executive VP of Marketing and Innovation Joe Roberts. “In addition to diversifying the dealer’s portfolio, these new sensors provide early warnings with customized notifications for end-users through our back-end partners, such as Alarm.com.”

Homeowners can choose to get notifications on their smartphones via back-end partners’ app, or alarms on their security panel. 2GIG sensors are compatible with 2GIG GC2 and GC3 panels as well as Honeywell protocol systems. For selected 2GIG sensors, homeowners can personalize settings to send notifications based on pre-set rules, such as time of day, and they are able to repeat frequency.

Selected sensors can be custom-configured to send notifications on a personally determined schedule. For example, if a homeowner with a 2GIG GC3 system wants to be notified only if their stove left on for over 30 minutes, they can set their Stove & Grill Guard sensor accordingly.

With new 2GIG sensors, homeowners can now be notified earlier in the “event cycle”, like when a car enters the driveway before someone really rings the doorbell. “We put considerable energy into listening to our dealers and end-users to create new solutions to better integrate into the user’s lifestyle,” continued Roberts. “From the gate to the roof, these new 2GIG sensors provide peace of mind like never before with a level of personalization that today’s homeowners expect.”
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