Honeywell and Huawei join forces on smart building development

Honeywell and Huawei join forces on smart building development
Chinese tech giant Huawei has announced a partnership with Honeywell to bring more smart buildings to the market. The latest IoT technologies will be utilized to make buildings more sustainable, secure and energy efficient, the two companies claimed.

Instead of going after individual buildings, the alliance plans to invest in large-scale smart city projects and build infrastructure for better energy control.

The two companies have already teamed up on the Longgang Smart City project in Shenzhen, China. Honeywell provides automation systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, security and fire infrastructure, and connected building solutions to integrate all sub-systems on building management, alarm management, work order management, and preventive maintenance.

Huawei provides ICT infrastructure such as data centers, security protection and monitoring, IoT gateways and cloud services. The company’s recently announced IoT Gateway is built on the framework from Tridium, Honeywell’s subsidiary, helping buildings collect and analyze data to provide detection, deduction, determination and decision-making capabilities.

Honeywell and Huawei have been collaborating on fields like smart cities, connected buildings, smart energy and industrial IoT for several years, in regions such as Middle East, Central Asia, China and Africa. Honeywell also joins Huawei’s Enterprise Solution Partner Program, providing joint companies access to Huawei’s open API and lab resources to help customers deploy technologies for more connected and safe buildings, homes and cities.

“This mutually beneficial cooperation between our companies will benefit building owners by offering them rapid integration capabilities of building automation technologies,” said David Zhang, Vice President for Engineering and Technology Greater China and Asia Pacific at Honeywell, in an announcement.

Honeywell has also announced it will join Georgia Tech’s Center for the Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies (CDAIT) to grow its IOT capability in the United States. The company will bring resources to the faculty and students in the university, and may recruit engineering talent from the school to enhance its IoT expertise.

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