Huawei to introduce solar smart home solution in Europe

Huawei to introduce solar smart home solution in Europe
Chinese technology firm Huawei has introduced its solar energy product to the European market, to connect rooftop solar installation with indoor appliances to maximize energy self-consumption.

Huawei said its FusionHome smart energy solution can save consumers some energy storage because it combines solar installation and intelligent monitoring system with home appliances to increase solar system efficiency.

The company claims FusionHome can increase inverter efficiency by up to 98.6% and boost energy yields by 30%.

Often a residential PV roof system has complex designs and is limited in its ability to maximize rooftop kWh yields. There are constraints like all panels in a single string should be placed in the same direction and the panels cannot be positioned in shadow areas.

Huawei’s solution simplifies the design and installation process and includes an inverter which accommodates the use of PV optimizers that may have shading or different roof orientation. The inverter comes with an integrated plug-and-play battery interface, so that when the PV system is upgraded with self-consumption energy storage, there’s no need for inverter retrofitting and additional AC/DC conversion modules.

The Smart PV Optimizer will send collected energy to the smart energy center, which distributes energy into various smart home devices, such as washing machines, AC, laptops and smart TV.

Meanwhile, all smart gadgets connecting to the Wi-Fi router will also bridge with the Cloud Management Center which enables energy consumption monitoring and improves efficiency. It can ultimately “refine smart energy management,” according to the company.

The FusionHome smart energy solution will be launched in China, Europe and Australia in the third quarter this year, and will be rolled out in the U.S. market the following quarter.

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