COMPRO announces the official release of latest version of cloud service “C4Home 2.2”

COMPRO announces the official release of latest version of cloud service “C4Home 2.2”
COMPRO Technology, a leading Cloud IP Video Surveillance Solution Provider, announced the official release of C4Home 2.2, the latest version of its robust cloud service. C4Home 2.2 features new functions: iPad layout, scene selection mode, in-app cloud service subscription, IR configuration in app, and OSD configuration in app.

iPad layout

With iPad layout, C4Home becomes a universal iOS app, which supports all iPhones and iPads. The iPad layout provides users a more friendly and convenient interface, with the biggest advantage being that users do not have to go back and forth between the menu and setting pages.

Scene selection mode

With scene selection mode, users can set video settings to their liking for different environments with just one click. There are different kinds of scenes to choose from:  living room, baby monitor, pet monitor, outdoor and backlight. For example, if the environment is in low-light, baby monitor will be the best selection; if the environment is in quick motion status, pet monitor will be more appropriate. 

In-app subscription

In-app cloud service subscription provides one stop shopping for users, where they can purchase C4home cloud recording directly in app. 
Besides the major new features above, some other new features include:
“IR configuration in app” can turn on or turn off the IR LED on the fly. 
“OSD configuration in app” can enable on-screen-display when live view or recording.
“Manual recording to SD card and C4Home” can manually start immediate recording to SD card or to C4Home cloud storage.
All these new features aim to provide more configuration options and better user experiences.
C4Home 2.2 is suitable for use on all COMPRO TN series cameras. Download from App Store and Google Play to create own exclusive surveillance cloud for free. To enjoy the new features, camera firmware is required to be updated to the latest version.
Source: COMPRO Technology

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