Samsung and Celeno collaborate to make new gateways and set-top boxes

Samsung and Celeno collaborate to make new gateways and set-top boxes
Managed Wi-Fi solution provider Celeno Communications has announced that its silicon and software technology will power new home gateways and set-top boxes being developed by Samsung Electronics.

Celeno’s 802.11ac Wave 2 CL2440 and CL2442 chipsets will power Samsung’s DOCSIS 3.1 Gateway product line. In addition, Celeno’s CL2430 silicon will power Samsung’s 4K set-top box to enable seamless Wi-Fi video.

With the insertion of Celeno products, Samsung will be able to provide best-in-class Wi-Fi performance and flawless user experience on both data and 4K video use cases and with fully managed QoS, said Gilad Rozen, founder and CEO of Celeno.

Celeno’s ARGUS spectrum intelligence technology will scan the spectrum and choose the least crowded or best channel for the device without interrupting service, maximizing system performance in dense and interfered environments. 

Its OptimizAIR technology allows the creation of multiple virtual networks per service and even device, all served by the same Wi-Fi Access Point and allocating Wi-Fi resources to each network and device.

Samsung’s spokesperson for the Visual Display Business unit said the collaboration is expected to deliver “a powerful and highly intelligent Wi-Fi solution enabling an improved home Wi-Fi experience for the end-user.” Faster Wi-Fi is not enough to master the challenges of today’s connected world – it needs to be smarter as well, the spokesperson added.

Besides Samsung, two other companies have also announced partnership with Celeno Communications. Celeno’s CL2400 Wi-Fi silicon will power Edimax’s next-generation Wi-Fi Router, which is said to offer superior performance in even the most crowded and dense urban Wi-Fi environments.

ZINWELL, a provider of in-home Ultra HD networking and communication equipment, has also said its next-generation Wi-Fi extenders will be powered by Celeno’s silicon and software technology.

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