LightCam serves as smart light bulb and security camera

LightCam serves as smart light bulb and security camera
What would be the easiest way to install a security camera? A crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has the idea to install the camera like screwing in a light bulb at home.

LightCam is a security camera that is embedded in the base of a light bulb, and homeowners can easily install the security system by screwing the light bulb into any standard light bulb socket.

The camera features HD1080p wide-angle video recording, up to 25 feet infrared night vision, and a microphone and a speaker to enable two-way communication. The camera is adjustable and rotatable so it can have a good view from any angle.

Besides encrypted local storage with a microSD card, camera footage can be backed up on users’ phones or cloud storage spaces like Dropbox or Google Drive. No subscription fees will be charged to store one week of video recording.

The device is equipped with motion sensors so that users will get alerts when a visitor stops by or a package is delivered. Since the camera is embedded in the light bulb, no wires are required to make the camera function.

The setup process is pretty straightforward. First, download the LightCam app and scan the product’s QR code, then screw in the LightCam light bulb and connect it to the home Wi-Fi network. Upon completion, users should be able to monitor the house and turn on and off the light wherever they are in the world.

Each LightCam device comes with a unique QR code associated with a user account. As such, the device can’t be stolen easily. Every time the device tries to connect to a Wi-Fi network, users will be notified automatically and verify if the activity is legit.

The LightCam team plans to add the function to adjust the intensity, temperature, color and tone of the light bulb’s white light.

LightCam is compatible with Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and ZigBee protocols.

The campaign has achieved its funding goal on Indiegogo, and the first batch of shipment is expected to reach the backers in August.

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