Marvell’s latest IoT solutions for Google Brillo, HomeKit and BT 5.0 indoor navigation

Marvell’s latest IoT solutions for Google Brillo, HomeKit and BT 5.0 indoor navigation
Marvell Technology Group, one of the world largest silicon vendors, demoed its smart home solutions applied for Apple’s HomeKit, ZigBee smart lighting and Google’s Brillo gateway at Computex Taipei 2015. 

Marvell’s IoT platform offers full HomeKit support to hardware manufacturers for smart plugs, network camera, gateway, thermostat, fans, smart watering controllers, water heaters, smart locks, air conditioners and etc. Marvell’s SDK for HomeKit includes EZ-Connect IoT platform with 88MC200 microcontroller, Avastar 88W8801 Wi-Fi SoC and EZ-Connect software. The Marvell 88MC200 microcontroller is designed for smart devices, including heating and cooling systems, household appliances, lighting controls, smart-meters, sensors, and irrigation systems. Now its partners include Onida, Broadlink, Whirpool, Blossom, Voyce, Rheem, August and so on. 

Its 88EM driver ICs support connected bulbs for leading brands like GE, WeMo, and OSRAM. Marvell offers the chipsets based on ZigBee, said to be with less interference, for smart lighting applications.  

Marvel co-works with Google for its latest IoT gateways with two Wi-Fi sockets and Google defined headers. The board incorporates Marvell’s ARMADA 385 SoC, and 88E6176 switch IC. 
Its end-to-end platform, featuring wireless and digital power technology, support major wireless communication standards for connected homes, such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee, NFC, Bluetooth and Thread. The company’s new chipset 88W8997, a 11ac 2×2 Wave-2 Combo SoC, features advanced indoor location capabilities for mobiles and infrastructure, and 40 percent of reduction in active current consumption. Supporting Bluetooth 4.2 and 5.0, the chipset features BLE AoD (Angle of Departure) for indoor navigation and gen-fencing, and BLE AoA (Angle of Arrival) for asset tracking. BLE 5.0 feature set includes 2Mbps LE for higher –speed Bluetooth LE link, BLE Direction Finding AoA/AoD, and LTE Coex—time-slot based enhancement for mobile applications. 
Besides hardware, Mavell’s software solution, Kinoma platform which was launched in 2014 for IoT applications, features advanced software technology that addresses for different market segments, such as smart LED lighting, IoT edge devices, power management, wireless connectivity, home networking, mobile communication, storage drives and systems, multimedia entertainment, IP/Ethernet networking, broadband access, 2D/3D printing and embedded computing. The targeted customers are OEM manufactures, telecom carriers and cloud service providers. 

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