Xiaomi to distribute smart home products in China Telecom’s retail stores

Xiaomi to distribute smart home products in China Telecom’s retail stores
Chinese consumer electronics maker Xiaomi has reached a deal with telecom operator China Telecom to cooperate across smart home technologies, e-commerce and handset sales.

Xiaomi’s smart home device sales are expected to see a boost upon entering China Telecom’s retail stores. The telecom operator will set up smart home sectors in each store and offer customers to try Xiaomi’s home devices before making purchases. Moreover, China Telecom will sell Xiaomi’s routers via its distribution channels.

In regards to the integration between mobile devices and telecom services, Xiaomi’s devices will have direct access to China Telecom’s payment and credit top-up interface, allowing users holding a Xiaomi device to add credits directly through the Xiaomi Store.

In addition, Xiaomi Store will incorporate China Telecom’s payment service Best Pay. Customers will see a link to the Xiaomi Store while using the service. Both companies will launch an unlimited data package plan to accompany China Telecom’s 4G and Internet services.

Xiaomi Store is the place where the company sells all its products online. Products in the smart home category include air purifier, water purifier and desk lamp that can be controlled by the Mi Home app. The recently released Mi Smart Home kit contains a gateway, a smart wall plug, door and window sensors, motion sensors, temperature and humidity sensor and a wireless switch. The package is priced at US$75.

Departing from its focus in online distribution, Xiaomi has pushed hard in other channels recently, by partnering with retailers and distributors, for example.

Last week, the company announced the plan to open 100 Mi Home stores in India over the next two years, in cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. Mi Home stores will offer the company’s latest products and let customers experience the device in-person. Products such as smartphones, power banks, fitness bands and air purifiers will be displayed in Indian Mi Home stores.

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