Kleverness enables smart lighting without replacing existing bulbs

Kleverness enables smart lighting without replacing existing bulbs
While many smart light bulbs need to be set up at a certain cost, a San Francisco-based startup wants to bring affordable smart lighting to users without asking them to change much infrastructure at home.

Smart lighting system Kleverness is composed of two parts – a central hub and a companion plate, which can be a switch, dimmer or outlet. The set is suitable for DIY installation. After connecting the hub to a Wi-Fi router and replacing a traditional light switch plate with Klever’s plate, the house is ready to get its new smart lighting look.

Homeowners may control the lights in various contexts using the Kleverness app. They may set up light schedules, sync lighting with sunrise or sunset, and automate lighting based on a user’s location. Moreover, a vacation mode will model after a user’s daily schedule and turn on and off the lights to fool potential intruders.

The companion mobile app will show energy consumption of each individual switch and will tell users how they may change behaviors to cut down energy expenses. If an old light bulb is using a lot of energy, a reminder notification will be sent to the user.

Klever’s switch and dimmer plates use a radio frequency repeater to communicate with the control hub, allowing it to reach every light bulb in the house. According to Klever, each switch and dimmer has a 45-meter radius coverage and each hub supports up to 512 devices.

Kleverness works with most popular smart home platforms, including Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings. In other words, with Kleverness it’s possible to ask Alexa to turn on lights from a patio.

Klever’s Kickstarter campaign has achieved its crowdfunding goal and the product are expected to be shipped in April 2018. One Klever Hub with one switch or dimmer will cost US$130 and the Kleverness Kit that includes a hub, a switch, a dimmer and an outlet will sell for US$240.
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