Reolink debuts cloud service to store camera footage

Reolink debuts cloud service to store camera footage
Security camera maker Reolink today announced the availability of Reolink Cloud, an online platform for customers to store, access and share HD motion detection videos.

Reolink also launched the Cloud Beta Plan, offering 10 GB of free storage for its camera customers. The cloud is compatible with the Reolink Go, Argus 2 and Argus Pro cameras. More models will be supported in the future, Reolink says.

Now Reolink’s customers have an alternative video backup plan to store motion-triggered videos. Even if their cameras are stolen or Micro SD cards are broken, customers can access their Cloud video history anytime, from anywhere.

Reolink Cloud was introduced also to meet the customer demand for “a truly connected and smart home,” the company says.

With the Cloud service, Reolink is now both a hardware and software company. “The Reolink Cloud debut marks a giant step for us towards the smart home field, and it’s also a groundbreaking upgrade for Reolink products,” said Reolink’s marketing manager Pam Cheung.

Before the launch of the Cloud, Reolink mainly provides the security cameras and systems. But its customers have expressed urgent demand for a safer and easier option to store their unforgettable and important moments.

Subscription plans and safety features

Reolink Cloud is now in beta test and only available in the U.S. However, Reolink says it will be available in more countries soon.

While the cloud service is free during beta test, subscription plans will be announced in the near future. The beta test is scheduled to end on August 31, 2018, PDT.

The video being uploaded to Reolink Cloud will be secured with the HTTPS protocol, ensuring customers’ data is encrypted and transferred over a secure connection. Under such a secure protocol, the video stored in the Cloud is also extremely safe and hack-proof, the company says.

Reolink has developed a series of smart home security products. The advent of Reolink Argus wire-free security camera marked Reolink’s milestone to enter the DIY smart home security market.

Just recently Reolink introduced its latest camera Argus Pro and upgraded its original 4MP RLC-410 IP camera into the 5MP version for clearer and sharper images.

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