Philips Lighting launches two-range dimming LED bulbs with filament

Philips Lighting launches two-range dimming LED bulbs with filament
Philips Lighting today announced the launch of its new statement bulb collection. The Philips deco LED collection adds a new contemporary twist to the industrial-style lighting trend and features giant filament LED bulbs that are designed to be seen. New LED lamps will be shown at Light+Building 2018 in Frankfurt.

From a striking centerpiece, to a distinctive standing lamp or even as part of a series of suspended ceiling lamps, these decorative giant LED bulbs fit into every space in the home. The smoky gray giant LED bulb, with thin single vertical filament, combines a giant LED bulb with an intricate, swirling filament for a cozy and warm ambiance.

With beautiful dimming, the collection has two ranges of different looks in mind: vintage range for a traditional ambiance and modern range for a contemporary impression.

“Inspired by the large light bulbs we used to create for lighthouses many years ago, our decorative giant LED collection taps into the paired back trend for lighting whereby the bulb does the talking, removing the need for lampshades. In the collection, we’ve fused and updated a classic industrial look with a bold and simplistic design to create a beautiful and striking silhouette to transform the home.” said Rowena Lee, Senior Vice President, Business Group LED.

The new LED bulbs will be available in unique shapes like Globe, Teardrop and Tubular. The collection’s cord sockets have been designed to match the look of each range and with an adjustable 2-meter cord, they can be mounted alone or hung in groups for that added visual impact.

The bulbs in both ranges have a 13-year life span, equivalent to 15,000 hours with dimming suitable for relaxing and enjoying the home in style.

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