Google’s AIY Kits help users create smart speaker and smart camera

Google’s AIY Kits help users create smart speaker and smart camera
Google recently introduced two kits designed to help developers create their own smart speaker and smart camera. The smart speaker will work with Google Assistant, while the smart camera can recognize people and objects.

The kits are named AIY Voice and AIY Vision, while AIY stands for “Artificial Intelligence Yourself.” The Voice Kit is available for US$49.99, while the more complex Vision Kit costs US$89.99.

The Vision kit comes with built-in camera that’s capable of identifying objects, faces and emotions, Google said. It’s also compatible with image recognition neutral networks that will let users customize what it looks and for.

The kits also come with a companion app to walk users through the process of making smart gadgets. Google’s AIY website will also have updated documentation. The app is only for Android devices only. The iOS version is still in development. The kits can work with a normal computer if developers prefer such environment.

Google said that kits are designed for students and schools that want to educate children on artificial intelligence and its applications.

“We’re taking the first of many steps to help educators integrate AIY into STEM lesson plans and help prepare students for the challenges of the future by launching a new version of our AIY kits,” said Billy Rutledge, director of AIY projects.

The kits include everything a student might need to build AI solutions, including a Raspberry Pi Zero WH board, a pre-provisioned SD card and a micro USB connection cable. AIY Vision Kit also contains Raspberry Pi Cam 2.

Google has said it is shifting from being a “search first” company to an “AI first” company. As such, it makes sense for Google to want to teach a new generation of programmers skilled in using Google Assistant, while creating a whole suite of AI devices.

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