Avast debuts smart home security service using AI

Avast debuts smart home security service using AI
Online security provider Avast has announced a new IoT security Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform called Smart Life, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and block threats.

The first offering from Smart Life will be Avast Smart Home Security, a home network management and protection service. It detects privacy threats, botnets and malware, provides safe Internet browsing and prevents Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

For example, if a smart thermostat is turned on at an unusual time and is transmitting a high volume of data to an unknown location, Avast Smart Home Security will shut it down and send notifications to the family about the strange activity.

Other features include pausing Internet access, limiting screen time and robust content filters.

“It has been five years now since the first well-publicized hack of a baby monitor in Texas. Since then, IoT devices have transformed our homes and workplaces, but the security of these connected devices has not been significantly improved and users are still at risk,” said Gagan Singh, senior vice president and general manager of mobile at Avast, in a statement.

“We increasingly expect convenience and enjoyment from smart devices like smart speakers, smart doorbells or IP cameras, but with this rapid adoption comes a real urgency to address the complex challenge of protecting them,” Singh noted.

Avast Smart Home Security will be launched later this year via a mobile app along with a hub that connects to the home network. The company claims to have over 400 million active users worldwide using Avast.

The growth of IoT is predicted to enable over 75 billion connected things by 2025. While manufacturers are under pressure to push smart devices to the market fast at affordable prices, data and device security in the face of cyber-attacks is also an issue that cannot be ignored.

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