BMW integrates smart home connectivity into the BMW i3

BMW integrates smart home connectivity into the BMW i3
The ability to manipulate smart home devices from your car is no longer far from reality, as German car manufacturer BMW has unveiled a smart home app from Deutsche Telekom that allows homeowners to control connected gadgets via the display and operating system of their BMW i3, a five-door urban electric car unveiled since 2014.    

While known globally as the most eco-friendly car on the market, the i3 has also been ranked as the world's third bestselling all-electric car in history, according to the automaker's press release.

But to add another trophy to its collection of functions, the vehicle will now host mobile capability either through its dedicated in-dash app and the BMW i Remote App on an Apple Watch. Car owners of this model will be able to regulate the heating, the lights or your alarm system comfortably from inside the vehicle. It’s also possible to program certain situation, such as the “Coming Home” scenario, the release said.

In a nutshell, the key feature of this announcement is its integration with a smart home, a growing market sector which BMW believes will help shape the way people view smart connectivity for all things that evolve around the IoT.

According to the automaker, with an integrated SIM card as standard, the BMW i3 will be able to enjoy full connectivity with the outside world.

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