Smart home hub Atmos featuring touchscreen enters the market

Smart home hub Atmos featuring touchscreen enters the market
Another company has entered the smart home market and released a smart home hub that aims to unite discrete smart home products under one platform.

Atmos is launching a high-definition 4-inch by 7-inch touchscreen, called the Atmos Smart Home Control System, that allows users to give smart home commands via the touch interface or voice.

As smart home companies tend to launch their own mobile apps to control smart gadgets, Atmos wants its smart home hub to connect to various manufacturers’ devices and to serve as a control center, offering more intuitive control experiences.

Atmos is claimed to be “compatible with everything.” In terms of protocols, it supports Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, IFTTT and infrared, which lets it control even traditional TVs.

The hub works with SmartThings, Nest, Sonos, Logitech Harmony, Wink, Wemo, Philips Hue and Insteon; for home entertainment, it is compatible with Spotify, Apple TV, Roku, DirecTV, Dish, and Amazon Fire TV.

The touchscreen hub essentially allows homeowners to control smart lights, thermostats, security cameras and home theaters from one single interface. It even supports order services like Uber, Lyft and food takeout. The screen can be used to see live clips from security cameras or make video calls with friends.

In addition to the home hub, Atmos has designed two other products in its development pipeline. The first will be the Atmos Expand Smart Light Switch, a smart device with touchscreen to connect various smart lighting products, allowing users to control via the screen, voices or phone. It will feature a proprietary technology which can keep the lighting system to function even when the Wi-Fi goes down.

The other product will be the Atmos Surround Smart Speaker, which is likely to compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home. It is claimed to have better sound quality. The Atmos speaker will work with the Atmos Smart Home Control System and lets users utilize the home hub features entirely hands-free.

The Atmos Smart Home Control System can soon be pre-ordered for US$249. Details about the latter two devices are said to be released in the near future.

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