Grohe’s water monitoring system detects leaks and cuts off water supply

Grohe’s water monitoring system detects leaks and cuts off water supply
The smart home market has products that aim to prevent water leaks, but most products only send notifications and do not act to take care of leaking pipes. German manufacturer Grohe has announced a new home security system to detect water damage and is able to cut off the water supply via a mobile app.

The system consists of Sense and Sense Guard. The former stands for sensors placed around the home for humidity, temperature and water leak monitoring. Users can install them on the floor to detect water as well as on the wall to check temperature and humidity. It will send notifications to users via the app if the temperature falls by three degrees.

Sense Guard locates a home’s main water pipe to switch off the water supply when water leaks are detected by the system.

The Ondus app acts as a central hub gathering all the data collected on the sensors and sends notifications to users. It also provides water consumption analytics for users’ review.

Grohe created the products after conducting a survey earlier this year and found half of the households in Europe have experienced water damage at least once and 93% of the cases could have been prevented. The company then designed Sense and Sense Guard to monitor and prevent water damages at home.

“Our aim is to be a source of enjoyment. Mains-related water damage is the most frequent damage in the house,” said Michael Rauterkus, CEO of Grohe.

“When water damage occurs, you want things fixed right away, but it can take weeks if not months before everything is repaired. Therefore, prevention is the best remedy. That is why we developed the Grohe Sense water security system: enjoy the day – enjoy peace of mind, while Grohe Sense and Sense Guard take care of your home,” Rauterkus said.

Product shipment will begin in May. Grohe Sense Guard is priced at £439 and Grohe Sense at £51.99.

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