Smappee works with Nest to provide energy monitoring and control via App

Smappee works with Nest to provide energy monitoring and control via App
Energy monitoring service provider Smappee has joined the “Works with Nest” ecosystem, allowing homeowners to monitor their energy consumption and control room temperature all in one app.

By clamping sensors around homeowners’ main power cable of the fuse box, Snappee is able to identify, monitor and provide detailed energy consumption data. It can tell which device is using the most power in the house, and display energy usage and costs with interactive graphs in the app on a daily basis.

According to Smappee, its users saved up to 30% on their energy bills after using the service.

Nest focuses on energy saving as well. The thermostat automatically sets an “eco temperature” when no one is home. Its system keeps a desired temperature in the house and saves users from turning heater on and off constantly.

“This integration has turned the Smappee app into a virtual command center that allows homeowners to control all their smart energy devices and more,” said Stefan Grosjean, CEO of Smappee.

The integration enables families to set a limit for gas and water consumption as well. When the usage has exceeded the preset limit, homeowners will get notifications from the app, which is especially useful when a family goes away for vacations.

In addition, Smappee will use the level of carbon monoxide detected from the Nest Protect detector to decide if the gas is used unnecessarily. The collaboration not only provides energy consumption information, but also ensures safety at home.

Smappee has focused on providing smart energy monitoring solutions for several years. The company launched its latest home energy monitor and controller, Smappee Plus, at the end of 2017.

Smappee Plus not only measures real-time energy use from household appliances, but also distributes energy use in a smart way. For example, when a homeowner charges an electric vehicle and cooks on an electric stove at the same time, Smappee Plus will diminish the power going to the car until the cooking is finished, in order to avoid an explosion from the fuse.

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