i-Bell Wi-Fi doorbell compatible with Apple's HomeKit

i-Bell Wi-Fi doorbell compatible with Apple's HomeKit
Acting as an interactive peephole for the front door, the revolutionary i-Bell is the next generation in super slick home automation. A wireless gadget, it allows smartphone users to see and communicate with whoever is standing on their doorstep whether they are home or away_ putting an end to failed deliveries and ensuring users have full control over their front door.

Designed and made in the UK, i-Bell is utterly unique and will bring the best of digital technology to the interiors space for unsurpassed security and convenience. It will be fully compatible with Apples recently announced HomeKit, which adds smart devices to the home via individual apps. Once installed, i-Bell can be used in conjunction with any smartphone, tablet or PC device at any time from any location. It has significant advantages for those with hectic schedules from not being able to get to the door to being out of the house but waiting on an important package.

Thanks to innovative wireless technology and an integrated camera and microphone, missing a visit from grandparents or not being around to sign for a delivery becomes a thing of the past. i-Bell even allows users to screen their visitors, so they can choose whether or not to answer the door to a cold-calling salesman or an unwanted guest on the doorstep. High-security brackets help to keep the gadget safe and secured to the front door, and the ability to connect with the device from anywhere in the world via a synced smartphone means that not even holidays need to get in the way of ordering home deliveries.

Graham Kershberg, Co-Founder of i-Bell, says, "There's nothing quite like i-Bell on the market right now. Its going to revolutionize daily life for a lot of individuals and businesses. Arranging deliveries around working hours or getting an unexpected visit from a relative who gets no answer at the door can really disrupt an individuals plans. But now its possible to communicate directly with the person ringing the doorbell, let the postman know where to leave a package, or telling Aunt Mabel that you'll be home as soon as possible without even being on the premises. Fun to use and practical, i-Bell makes it possible to answer the door from any corner of the world, whether thats five minutes down the road on the school run or from a sun lounger overseas on a long awaited holiday."

From barbecuing in the back garden and reluctant to leave the grill unattended to hearing the doorbell go in the bath, i-Bell users can respond to those knocking on the door with nothing more than the swipe of their phone.

The i-Bell gadget sits at face level on the frame when installed by the front door _ visitors ring the bell and it delivers an instant alert to any smartphone paired with the device. The resident of the house can then ´answer their door. The user can see whos standing on their doorstep thanks to a 1080p HD camera, and communicate with the guest via a built-in speaker and microphone for the ultimate in secure convenience. The practical, robust gadget is the perfect device to help handle modern life _ never again will you miss the repair men because youre in the shower, or a flying visit from your childhood best friend because you're too busy vacuuming.

The crowdfunding campaign, which will be launched later this month on Kickstarter, will finance the manufacturing process and give savvy investors an exclusive opportunity to snap up one of the first ever i-Bell devices.

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