Semtech’s LoRa picocell gateway platform accelerates IoT deployment

Semtech’s LoRa picocell gateway platform accelerates IoT deployment
Semiconductor company Semtech has released its new LoRa reference design, extending the LoRaWAN network coverage to enable Internet of Things (IoT) deployment in scale.

Semtech’s LoRa picocell reference design provides a USB interface for low power gateway designs and connects sensors in the building or residential community with a range of 1.6 kilometers for outdoor sensor connectivity.

The company said this will help accelerate the adoption of IoT applications, such as smart thermostats, door monitors and other in-home connected devices. Small businesses that use smart meters, security systems and inventory management systems will also benefit.

The company said it can receive LoRa and FSK messages on multiple channels with -139dBm sensitivity.

Vivek Mohan, Director of Wireless Products at Semtec, said “The influx of LoRaWAN network rollouts throughout the world is making IoT more prevalent in everyday consumer applications, and this picocell gateway platform supplements the existing public LoRaWAN network infrastructure by providing coverage in hard-to-reach indoor areas.”

The LoRaWAN picocell network can communicate with any surrounding  LoRaWAN infrastructure to complement existing Wi-Fi networks for cloud connectivity.

The LoRa picocell gateway is expected to cost less than $100 for fully certified products if purchased through equipment manufacturers.

Semtech’s businesses span across power management, security, advanced communications, human interface, wireless and sensor products. It is a member of the non-profit association LoRa Alliance.

LoRa Alliance is dedicated to making the LoRa protocol “LoRaWAN” as the global standard for secure IoT LPWA connectivity. Over 400 companies have committed to the group and the network has been deployed in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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