Wayne Water Systems integrates IoT in connected basement systems

Wayne Water Systems integrates IoT in connected basement systems
Smart home connectivity provider ConnectSense has partnered with Wayne Water Systems on a premium digitally connected basement protection sump system, the first of its kind in the market.

The Basement Guardian, powered by ConnectSense’s IoT 80/20 platform, is a Wi-Fi connected total basement protection system, featuring two full-size, all cast iron pumps. The backup pump can drain 11,000 gallons of water on a single charge.

The Basement Guardian has been billed as “the Hardest Working Pump You’ll Never Hear,” thanks to its silent build. When a home loses power, the Local Link technology allows homeowners to monitor their basement on their iOS or Android app from wherever they are.

The team at ConnectSense, with more than five years of Internet of Things (IoT) experience, leveraged their IoT 80/20 cloud platform built on technology for scalability, reliability, and cost efficiency. Additionally, ConnectSense lead development efforts for the full firmware, hardware, web app, as well as the iOS and Android mobile apps.

To date, ConnectSense has collaborated with several large home brands to make traditional household items smart. Some recent partners include one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plumbing supplies, Moen, and premium lock manufacturer Schlage.

“Our team works great with companies like Wayne, who are passionate for their work and the customers they serve. The ConnectSense team is able to get their product connected and to market quickly and affordably, while staying competitive in their marketplace,” said Adam Justice, CEO of ConnectSense. “This allows them to focus on what they do best, building reliable, industry-leading pumps that help keep homes dry.”

“We didn’t want to bring the Basement Guardian to market without leveraging a partnership with ConnectSense,” said Donald Williams, VP of Engineering at Wayne Water Systems. “They have an impressive reputation for producing seamless customer experiences and monitoring capabilities that are essential for the at-home sump pump system.”

The Basement Guardian will be available for purchase in April 2018 for US$1,700.

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