NodOn roller shutter module to turn all shutters and awnings smart

NodOn roller shutter module to turn all shutters and awnings smart
Smart building expert NodOn officially launched its roller shutter module, EnOcean compatible. The French company now propose the most complete wireless and battery-less range of the market to create a smart home or smart building. The product is now available in all NodOn distributing channels.

First announced at CES 2018 of Las Vegas, NodOn roller shutter module is now available. This wireless connected module can be installed in any type of motorized shutters, to make the device connected to remotely and automatically control it. This product is compatible with roller shutters for houses, motorized roller gates for shops, awnings for restaurant terrace, etc.

Once the roller shutter module is set up, it has to be paired to one or several wireless and battery-less EnOcean wall switches. Then, only one wall switch or remote can control all the roller shutters of one room, for a home or a complete building, for more comfort and simplicity. The module allows to add a new wall switch or remote to control the shutters, while keeping the existing wired wall switch.

The module is set up without construction works on motorized shutters or awnings and paired in a few minutes to a wireless and battery-less controller. The installer or electrician can then quickly add a new wall switch for his client. NodOn roller shutter module is already compatible with the most well-known smart home hubs of the market.

“This product answers the demand of companies from building residential sector but not only, we also work on projects for tertiary or education,” said Thomas Gauthier, NodOn CEO.

More than a hundred of NodOn roller shutter modules will be deployed before summer in a mansion and several tens of thousands will be installed in smart homes this year. Indeed, automation or remote control of roller shutters is one of the most use wanted by occupants of the house, with control of light and heating, features also covered by NodOn.

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