eQ-3 Homematic IP now works with Google Assistant

eQ-3 Homematic IP now works with Google Assistant
eQ-3 Smart Home is now possible in voice control via Google Assistant. This new feature will be available to Homematic IP customers via an update of the Homematic IP app since September 5.

Various application of Homematic IP are now available with Google Assistant voice control. With voice commands such as “Ok Google, turn on the light in the living room” or “Ok Google, make the bedroom 23 degree”, the Homematic IP smart home system can be used more comfortably and more intuitively. eQ-3 remains faithful to its smart home product line. They will be making the products easy to use and keeping an eye on customer requirements.

The remote control function of smart home is effectively protected by security features of the solution. For example, homeowners can decide themselves when the Homematic IP devices are accessible/ non-accessible via Google Assistant. “The use of voice control, like Google Assistant, is becoming one of the main ways people interact with smart home,” says Bernd Grohmann, Executive Vice President of eQ-3 AG. “As a pioneer and leader in whole-home solutions in Europe, we support languages without weakening other core features such as simplicity, security and data protection.”

Two years after market introduction, Homematic IP already offers over 45 device categories as the broadest portfolio in the industry and covers all fields of application. Homematic IP is the easy-to-install and degradable smart home solution, which is suitable for homeowners as well as tenants of an apartment. All Homematic IP devices use IPv6, the core protocol of the internet, with which the system is also positioned for standardization.

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