Smart home device ‘Gate’ functions both as door lock and camera doorbell

Smart home device ‘Gate’ functions both as door lock and camera doorbell
In the smart home gadget market, there are smart locks, smart doorbells and smart cameras. Just a few innovations combine these features together – one of them just went on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and achieved the funding goal successfully.

Smart gadget ‘Gate’ works as a smart lock allowing the user to unlock the door remotely, as well as a smart doorbell with built-in camera enabling the user to see visitors from an app.

Gate has a round-shape button design. The device provides three ways of entry control – keypad entry, physical key cylinder, and remote commands via the Gate Door app. With all these options, the user can unlock the door via the app for family members or friends, or create a temporary access code from the app for one-time entry.

Meanwhile, there is a motion activated camera, a call button serving as a doorbell, a microphone and a speaker built in the smart lock. As the device detects motion in front of the door or when someone presses the call button, the user will get notifications via the app and be able to see and talk with the visitor.

Gate device connects with the home Wi-Fi to function the app. The camera within can record and send real-time videos in 720p HD quality, with 150 degree wide-angle view. The device has rechargeable 3600mAh battery through Micro USB port built-in.

The Gate campaign team compare its product with other smart locks and smart doorbells in the market. If someone wants to achieve what Gate can bring to the home, they will need at least four products – the August Smart Lock, Doorbell Cam, Smart Keypad and Connect.

As for the camera smart doorbell, Ring, it helps the user to see and talk with the visitors; however, the device cannot open the door for visitors remotely.

Gate is compatible with Amazon Alexa, and is expected to integrate with Apple HomeKit, Nest and IFTTT. Also, the team said it will add auto-unlock in the future, allowing the user to unlock the door while approaching the door.

Gate was co-founded by a team of engineers who worked in Sandia National Lab, Qualcomm and Google X. The campaign is successfully funded with $213,333 USD. It will start shipping in February and hit the retail store with a $299 unit price in May, 2017.

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