eQ-3 introduces new smart home bus system Homematic IP Wired at Light + Building 2018

eQ-3 introduces new smart home bus system Homematic IP Wired at Light + Building 2018
At this year’s Light + Building in Frankfurt, eQ-3 presents for the first time the wired version of the proven Homematic IP system: Homematic IP Wired, the new dimension of the smart home.

With its new, intelligent system for building automation, eQ-3 offers specialist companies innovative possibilities with the combination of more than 60 radio-based devices from Homematic IP as well as Homematic IP Wired products.

In order to offer the customer various options, the installation of Homematic IP Wired is possible in two ways: The system can be installed via a purely local smart home central unit, the CCU3, in conjunction with the Homematic IP Wired Access Point. The configuration then takes place simply via a web browser. In the second variant, the Wired system, as well as the Homematic IP wireless solution, is operated via the Homematic IP Cloud. The home-installed smart home system is connected to the cloud via the Homematic IP Wired Access Point, and the system is configured and operated with the Homematic IP smartphone app.

Homematic IP Wired uses RS-485 as the physical basis. The topology of the bus, via which the individual Homematic IP Wired components are connected, can be constructed almost arbitrarily. In addition to the security certification from the VDE, eQ-3 also makes no compromises when it comes to data protection. The entire operation of Homematic IP Wired, whether cloud or smartphone app or smart home center, requires no input of personal information. Homematic IP Wired works as well as Homematic IP completely anonymously and respects the privacy of its users.

The new CCU3 from eQ-3 is a particularly powerful and fast control center. It has a 4-core ARM processor, 1GB of RAM, a 64-bit architecture and an 8GB industrial flash memory and can easily control even complex home automation systems. The new CCU3 will be available this year, offering customized solutions for every need due to its open platform and optimized, technical performance. A special feature: The CCU3 will appear together with Mediola AIO Creator Neo for the protocols Homematic and Homematic IP. This allows the customer to design their own tablet interface or smartphone app.

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