Honeywell extends connected home offering to enable self-monitoring and predictive maintenance

Honeywell extends connected home offering to enable self-monitoring and predictive maintenance
Honeywell has announced the launch of Total Connect Box, a discrete self-monitoring wireless security system, and TotalConnect Pro Manager, a maintenance tool for installers to conduct predictive maintenance services on the cloud.

As part of Honeywell’s Connected Home offering, Total Connect Box offers a compact security system that can be discreetly installed in any décor. The system comes with a choice of both Ethernet and GPRS communicators, as well as an optional Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module. This enables installers to design the optimal installation for their customers without worrying about running extra cabling.

When an alarm is triggered, homeowners may receive an email alert, voice notification or a text message, and access more details through the Total Connect 2.0E Web application on the Honeywell Cloud.

Users can also remotely arm, disarm, or check the status of the security system from their smartphone, tablet or computer. If the security system includes one or more CAMIR-F1 camera motion sensor, images can be recorded and stored in the Honeywell Cloud.

If installed by a security professional, Total Connect Box supports a number of security peripherals including motion sensors, door/shock contacts, panic alarm buttons, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors. The system can alert the customer to electrical main power failure, low battery and flood detection. In some cases, the installer can also use Total Connect Box as a communication gateway for smoke and CO detectors, providing additional peace of mind for families while they sleep and for small business owners when they are off the premises.

Installers may also offer their customers the ability to control their lighting and heating systems remotely using the Total Connect 2.0E Web app and Honeywell’s Smartplugs, which enable the customer to add automation capabilities at the electrical outlet. The Web app also allows users to track power consumption, helping them save energy and associated costs.

Also, Total Connect Pro Manager was launched, making it easier for installers to maintain their customers’ Total Connect Box security systems. Total Connect Pro Manager is a maintenance tool hosted in the Honeywell Cloud, allowing installers to remotely access their customers’ Total Connect Box control panels. Installers can perform diagnostics, adjust configurations, and offer maintenance to customers on the go – even when out on different installations.

With this information at their fingertips, installers can offer pre-emptive maintenance to home and small business owners. For example, installers can alert customers if a battery level is low on their system, or if a change to a sensor location has caused poor radio transmission levels.

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