VStarcam to release smart home kits for DIY users leveraging multiple wireless protocols

VStarcam to release smart home kits for DIY users leveraging multiple wireless protocols
Founded in 2011, Shenzhen VStarcam Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in network video solutions and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. With an R&D team of about 80 people, the company develops both the hardware and the software for its products, which are sold in countries/regions like Japan, Korea, Russia, Israel, SE Asia and Europe through agents or OEM/ODM partners. The company takes particular pride in itself holding several utility models and software copyright registration certificates.

VStarcam released its first smart home products in 2014, and this year, it is launching the “Smart Camera Kits” – a kit that consists of a Smart IP Camera, RF433 Door Sensor, RF433 IR Detector, ZigBee RGB Lamp, ZigBee Socket.

Smart Camera Kits features DIY installation, and according to the company, it gives consumers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with various smart home gadgets all at once. Users can also choose to expand the kit by adding more devices if they wish.

“In designing the Smart Camera Kits, we take into consideration not just its usability, user experience, but also its affordability and flexibility in expansion,” said Dora Tang, sales manager at VStarcam.

The Smart IP Camera is the heart of the system and can control other devices in the kit using ZigBee and RF433 MHz. With IR support, the camera can also control air conditioners and TVs, enabling scenarios for users like pre-cooling the house before arriving home.

Besides the Smart Camera Kit, the company is also offering standalone Wi-Fi devices like Wi-Fi Doorcam, a connected video doorbell with mobile app support, two-way talk, video recording and night vision.

All of VStarcam’s products can be managed and controlled using the mobile app Eye4, which supports 11 languages (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Dutch, French).

When asked about development plans for the smart home, Tang expressed that the company will base its product development on customer needs and market trends.

“We want to better address customer needs and do so in a more detail-oriented manner. Moreover, we want to offer easy-to-use products that have a high price-performance ratio.”

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