Leedarson’s arrival sensor automatically notifies smart home system of user presence

Leedarson’s arrival sensor automatically notifies smart home system of user presence
At the recent ISE 2017, Lighting company Leedarson showcased a brand-new sensor that can trigger home automation actions, when an individual enters or leaves the house.

Leedarson’s brand-new Arrival Sensor is a device that one can keep in the pocket, or attached to a keychain. The devices can be given to different members of the family, and as they arrive home, depending on the individual, the sensor will trigger any type of home automation actions or activities.

For example, when someone leaves the home, the door will be automatically locked and lights turned off.

The China-based LED company has adopted about every building-control protocols, and the latest innovation uses the Z-Wave standard. Arrival Sensor is similar to an iBeacon in terms of functionalities, but uses Z-Wave instead of Bluetooth.

The challenge lies in notifying the home system of user presence without their taking actions on their own, such as pressing a button.

Earlier this month Leedarson became the Z-Wave Alliance’s newest board member. The company is reportedly applying for a patent, which pings a Z-Wave network every so often to let it know if someone is present or not.

Also, there is a built-in accelerometer that working in the background to preserve battery life when the device is idle.

Leedarson provides lighting solutions, security and intelligent lighting control, sensing and communication systems and specializes in smart, energy-saving technologies. It offers solutions built for residential, commercial and industry applications and will integrate Z-Wave interoperability into its future product lines.

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