WiZ lights is now voice controllable via Google Home and Google Assistant in German

WiZ lights is now voice controllable via Google Home and Google Assistant in German
French-Asian smart lighting provider WiZ is now a Google-compatible partner in “Smart Home” category. This confirms that WiZ’s smart lighting products can be controlled by Google Home and Google Assistant via voice control in German.

The compatibility with the German version of Google Direct Actions ensures that lights can be switched on and off by voice command, the brightness can be adjusted with and without percentages, and the colors of the lamps can be determined. In order to accurately control lighting by voice, names of lights must be stored in Google Home control settings as individual or groups of luminaries.

“The smooth control of WiZ lights via Direct Actions is an important step for an even higher user friendliness in the smart home. As the next integration step, we plan to link on the basis of conversations – and for all languages,” explains Thomas Walch, Senior Key Account Manager for WiZ at TAO. “The positive feedback we received recently at the IFA Berlin shows that WiZ is now seen as a serious alternative for the established large-scale providers in lighting technology, smart home, and smart building.”

Even though design and energy efficiency remain important features, WiZ brings a new aspect into play: powerful software that allows the easy connection of lights over the Internet as well as their control via smartphone and other functions. In addition, the comfortable voice control of smart lights via Google Home and Amazon Echo is possible.

WiZ’s products are based on the “Connected Lights” approach, which means that each light becomes an independent element in a Wi-Fi network. Every WiZ light can store settings thanks to its own memory and connection to a cloud platform via domestic WLAN. This, in turn, communicates with an app using the user’s smart devices. Users are therefore not dependent on a bridge or other hardware.

Even technically not-involved users are able to control individual lights, save different lighting scenarios with atmospheres, or run scheduled lighting scenarios thanks to WiZ “Connected Lights”.

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