Tuya smart empowers camera manufacturers with easy access to Echo Show

Tuya smart empowers camera manufacturers with easy access to Echo Show
China-based Tuya Smart recently announced the launch of its new “Echo Show accessible” smart camera platform, the world’s first platform that is accessible to Amazon’s Echo Show.

Following Amazon’s release of the Echo Show and its access function to smart cameras, Tuya Smart’s camera team has taken large strides in the development of this new security solution, allowing camera manufacturers with low R&D abilities easy access to Echo Show.

Echo Show has video camera access capabilities, and video cameras compatible with this function are twice as expensive as normal smart cameras. Users can integrate video cameras around their house to the Amazon Echo Show. For example, by simply saying “Alexa, show me the front door”, a user can see live images captured by cameras through Echo Show.

Currently there are only a few video camera models which are compatible with Echo Show. A normal smart camera is priced at about US$60 dollars, but with the function of access to Echo Show, most of these cameras are over US$200 dollars. However still, customers are not detracted by the price tag and still willing to pay for such products.

Seeing the potential in this market, camera manufacturers all over the world are diving into the research and development of this field. Access to Echo Show requires excellent hardware performance, a mature cloud service system and vast experience in Alexa development. Unfortunately, there are only a few products that have met such requirements and this field is still relatively undeveloped in China.

With access to Tuya Smart’s platform, camera products can gain access to Echo Show within a few days, Tuya said.
This is particularly helpful to the camera manufacturers with low R&D capabilities.

Firstly, the Tuya platform is charged in a one-time, lifelong, platform-based and transparent manner, therefore the manufacturers need not invest ten to one hundred times the funds originally required on technology development. Secondly, manufacturers can quickly release the finished smart cameras with access to Echo Show and greatly shorten the development period.

Different development solutions can meet the requirements of different manufacturers. Tuya Smart supports a variety of products: normal cameras; PTZ cameras; visual doorbells; low-power camera; baby monitors; and offers complete cloud solutions.

Tuya provides basic cloud services: a solution for the complete P2P services (including P2P forwarding) and improved user account system, OTA upgrade hosting, and visual management of operating background systems.

In addition, the Alibaba Cloud + Amazon-based video cloud storage service is a solution with military-grade security encryption technology, to effectively ensure data security and make life easier for enterprises and consumers.

Tuya Smart will continue to expand third-party cloud services, Echo Show, Google Home, IFTTT, and other integrated services, making IPC more scalable.

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