Semtech releases a complete WMBus over LoRa to extend the range of metering

Semtech releases a complete WMBus over LoRa to extend the range of metering
Semtech Corporation, a supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, announced the release of a complete Wireless M-Bus (WMBus) over its LoRa RF software stack developed by STACKFORCE. The solution will simplify smart metering developments and significantly extend the range of metering deployments, which is a major challenge facing the industry today, without changing the well-proven higher layers.

Wireless M-Bus is a widely adopted European standard for the remote reading of water, gas, electricity and heat meters, and it has been designed to enable very long battery lifetime. Combining the WMBus protocol with the long-range, low-power LoRa technology can significantly reduce the infrastructure cost, simplifies installation, increases the reliability of smart metering deployments and solves the demand for standards-based communication.

STACKFORCE has developed the sub-GHz protocol stack, which conforms to the current Wireless M-Bus specification (EN13757-4), the Wireless M-Bus application layer (EN13757-3) and the application layer of the Open Metering System (OMS) Group. The stack has proven interoperability with other modules from leading manufacturers across different protocol layers and is optimized for microcontroller efficiency and scalability.

The Wireless M-Bus software is available in binary/object code format for Semtech’s SX1276 transceiver and ARM-based STM32 microcontroller. It supports the S, T, C modes (868 MHz) and N mode (169 MHz) from the physical layer to the application layer. Source code and other microcontroller core options are available through a separate license agreement.

Source: Semtech

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