DSP’s new chip DBMD5 aims to improve voice control

DSP’s new chip DBMD5 aims to improve voice control
Wireless chipset solution provider DSP Group recently unveiled the DBMD5 audio system-on-chip (SoC) which aims to drive clearer human-machine voice interactions in microphone-equipped devices.

As mobile and smart home technologies rose in popularity, so did the desire to speak to the devices. Yet, crisp and natural communication has been hard to achieve.

By bundling DBMD5 with HDClear technology to support hands-free device control, manufacturers can now add a voice-user interface (VUI) to their products for accuracy in high-noise environments along with control over voice triggers and barge-in capabilities, DSP said.

Adoption of voice-enabled applications is growing fast. Whether it’s for mobile or a home automation assistant, people crave voice interactions, and we’re perfecting that, said Ofer Elyakim, CEO of DSP Group.

“The voice enhancement processing integrated in the DBMD5 chip allows devices to actively listen for the right voice commands and process incoming triggers, enabling clearer communication for the end user, Elyakim said.

When integrated into microphone-enabled devices, DBMD5 leverages voice enhancement algorithms to achieve more effective voice isolation in surrounding environments. DBMD5 also safeguards device battery life. Due to its low-power consumption, users can wake up just a portion of the device or system while other components stay in sleep mode during voice sensing.

The Programmable dual-core DSP supports digital and analog microphones, incorporating various application processor interfaces such SPI, I2C, UART and SLIMbus.

Other features include echo cancellation, noise suppression, beam forming and far-field support. In addition, the voice-buffer technology operates with automatic speech recognition (ASR) applications.

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