Realtek unveils latest RTL8762A Bluetooth low energy module for smart home IoT

Realtek unveils latest RTL8762A Bluetooth low energy module for smart home IoT
The increasing popularity of connected home automation has led the entry of Realtek Semiconductor Corp. into the smart home market, where the company announced during Maker Faire Taipei 2016 this week its BEE chipset, codenamed the RTL8762A.

According to reports, the RTL8762A is an ultra-low power system-on-chip (SoC) solution for Bluetooth low energy applications. It combines the excellent performance of a leading RF transceiver with ARM Cortex M0, 256KB eFlash, 80KB RAM, and rich powerful supporting features and peripherals. The RTL8762A embeds an IR transceiver, hardware Keyscan, and Quad-decoder on a single IC. 

“This chipset is an ideal low-energy solution to smart wearables, remote controllers, Beacon, HID Device, home automation, and among other connected IoT devices,” Realtek stated in its press release. 

The BEE is widely seen as another follow-up on its Ameba chipset, which won the Best Choice Golden Award during COMPUTEX Taipei last year. 

The Ameba RTL8195AM consists of a high-performance CPU (ARM Cortex-M3) and memory, providing complete networking and Wi-Fi protocols, including hardware SSL engine, multiple serial ports, UART, I2C, SPI, and PWM, and high-speed SDIO, reports said.

The RTL8195AM can integrate with ADC and DAC to directly control analog type sensors or devices. With these features, customers can use the minimum of external components to realize their IoT product functions, according to Realtek.

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