FIBARO Shows connected ecosystem ‘Home Center 2’ at 2018 Light + Building

FIBARO Shows connected ecosystem ‘Home Center 2’ at 2018 Light + Building
Smart home manufacturer FIBARO will demonstrate whole series of smart home devices in a smart living space at 2018 Light + Building in Frankfurt. Connected through browser-based building management system “Home Center 2”, visitors will be able to experience the home solution. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple’s HomeKit services will all be connected.

At 2018 Light + Building, FIBARO will not only focus on single device, but showcase the connected products in an ecosystem that creates an intelligent living.

The center of FIBARO is the Home Center 2. It is the heart device of the FIBARO smart home system that connects security and environmental sensors, actuators behind wall sockets and controls of blinds or heaters, and the control elements such as the “Keyfob” remote control, with up to 30 freely programmable actions for home automation and scenes.

With FIBARO system, devices from other manufacturers such as Bose, Sonos or Yamaha, can be easily integrated for total control. Sensors with a digital output but not compatible with the Z-Wave network, can also be retrofitted with FIBARO’s Universal Binary Sensor wireless module, which adds Z-Wave communication to any wired sensor with binary output.

Home Center 2 is the central control unit that can be assigned through a browser-based, digital interface or the mobile app. It regulates Z-Wave devices and other Z-Wave certified products. Home Center 2 allows users to connect smart TVs, cameras, thermostats, alarm panels and multimedia players. The FIBARO software captures data protection and functionality, even when the Internet connection collapses.

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