ASUS debuts smart home series, using Zigbee

ASUS debuts smart home series, using Zigbee
For users who have been enjoying ASUS notebooks, smart phones or its IT solutions, you now have new gadgets to try. The brand debuts its first-ever smart home series at Computex 2015. 

Consisting of a smart gateway, door lock, temperature & humidity sensor, door/window sensor, meter plug, motion sensor and siren, “ASUS Smart Home” will be on the retailer market in late year 2015. The series is based on Zigbee, featuring easy DIY installation. Jim Yeh, senior director of ASUS smart home team, highlights the smart door lock. “DL100 has the intrusion sensor in the key hole. Users receive immediate notifications on their mobile phone, when the lock senses intrusion attempts. So as the motion sensors.” Users can unlock the door by NFC touch, Zigbee remote controlling, passwords and the traditional key.

With the aesthetic design, HG100, the brain of ASUS Smart Home coordinates the devices via Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It embeds Miracast function which turns the TV into the multimedia center at home.  

The series also features the free scenario settings to achieve the better intelligent performance according to users’ need. For example, “when the sensor detects unusual motions, the system triggers the AiCam and video recording on the cloud,” Yeh said. AiCam is ASUS home camera launched earlier in year 2015. 

According to Yeh, the retailer price of ASUS Smart Home has not been set, but the series will be sold in the kit box and single product separately. Not just the retailer channels, “we are also talking to B2B channels such as telcos and MSOs. The discussions have been taking places in ASUS.”

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