Google considers customized wake-up words for Google Home

Google considers customized wake-up words for Google Home
According to a recently uploaded APK on the Google Play Store, the company seems to be considering changing Google Home’s wake-up word “OK, Google” to a customized option.

Media outlet 9to5Google has been conducting a project called APK Insight, which analyzes the APKs that Google uploads to its Play Store. They sometimes indicate next software features to be launched by Google.

Based on the latest finding, Google is preparing to allow users to teach the smart speaker to recognize a new phrase in the setup process. And this new word can replace the existing “Ok Google” or “Hey Google.” In other words, users may customize the wake-up word in the setup process. For sure, the existing “Ok Google” will still work.

Last month, Google added support for the “Hey Google” wake-up word for Google Assistant on smartphones. It offered an option besides “Ok Google” for the first time. The move indicates that Google is likely to offer customized wake-up words for its users.

More features about Google Assistant were also found. Firstly, the Assistant might start to let users choose two languages for interactions – one as the primary language and the other as the secondary.

Just like the Amazon Echo Show allows for video calling, Google is also bringing its video chat service Google Duo to its smart display device. In other words, when Google Assistant devices with screens hit the market, they are very likely to be able to do video chat.

To compete with Amazon’s Prime delivery service, Google would likely to launch an order-tracking feature using the Google Express shopping service. In the future, the Google Assistant will remind users when their orders are out for delivery or are available for pickup.

Google may or may not roll out these features, however. Some of the codes in the APK might be scrapped and related features won’t be launched. The codes can be regarded as Google’s intention to launch these functions. Whether they will be rolled out is still uncertain.

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