Merkury Innovations introduces new line of smart home products

Merkury Innovations introduces new line of smart home products
Personal electronics and accessory maker Merkury Innovations recently announced its new Geeni line of smart home products which include smart bulbs, cameras and power plugs.

All the products can be controlled via one unified Geeni app. The cloud-based app combines the simplicity of an on/off switch with grouping, smart scenes and sharing features.

Geeni bulbs and plugs will also be Alexa compatible, allowing for voice control with Amazon Echo, with additional integrations forthcoming, the company said.

No complicated hubs or gateways are required; each Geeni device is ready to connect directly to users’ home Wi-Fi network. The products are scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2017.

Geeni’s lights can be controlled from anywhere, set to turn on and off on a schedule, and controlled in groups for maximum customization. Unlike other smart bulbs on the market, the Geeni bulbs are shaped like conventional lightbulbs so that light comes out of a larger surface area, resulting in light that is more evenly distributed and bright enough to replace traditional household lights.

Geeni smart plugs let users turn any plugged-in electronics on and off from anywhere with the Geeni App. Have the coffee pot going without getting out of bed or turn the humidifier on so the home is perfect when users return.

The company also takes the security issue seriously. The company uses military-grade AES data encryption, encryption algorithms during authentication, HTTPS encrypted channels, and more.

“We feel that peace of mind is a crucial requirement as our customers invite Geeni’s smart bulbs, cameras, and power products into their homes. We hope the industry continues to work to earn the trust of consumers as this market grows,” said Sol Hedaya, Category Manager at Merkury Innovations.

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