Belkin’s Wemo discontinues smart led bulbs in Australia

Belkin’s Wemo discontinues smart led bulbs in Australia
Belkin’s smart home brand Wemo has ceased offering smart LED bulbs in the Australia market, according to media outlet Ausdroid. The discontinued products include individual LED Smart Bulbs, LED Starter Kit, and Wemo Switch and Motion bundle.

Wemo light bulbs in Australia had a big discount in late 2016. And it appeared that Belkin’s Wemo division cut off the smart LED bulb product line back in 2016 as well.

Wemo told the media outlet that Wemo products will still function as normal at home and that the company will still provide product support. How the owners use, program and interact with their Wemo light bulbs won’t see any changes with the product discontinuation. It’s just that consumers can no longer buy new products or replace their existing Wemo LED bulbs.

It’s worth noting that Wemo provides assistance to connect the Wemo Link hub to light bulbs from other brands. The company listed Osram Sylvania and Cree as alternative options for the Wemo light bulbs, saying that “Osram Sylvania and Cree have been in the lighting game much longer than Wemo, so we actually think relying on their bulbs is better – and cheaper!”

Back in January at CES 2017, Wemo has introduced smart switch products – the Wemo Mini Smart Plug and the Wemo Dimmer Light Switch. Both work with Amazon Echo and Google Home, and users may dim, turn on or off lights via voice commands. Group control is also possible with the Nest Learning Thermostat’s Home and Away modes.

On Belkin’s U.S. official website customers can still see Wemo LED Lighting Starter Set but not the individual light bulb products. Most of the listed products are Wemo smart plugs, Wemo smart switches, and security cameras with Belkin’s brand name.

It’s not clear if Wemo will switch its business focus from light bulbs to light switches and plugs. However, its statement  about supporting and buying other companies’ products provides some hints on Belkin’s future strategies in the smart lighting business.

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