5 interesting, non-traditional home security launches

5 interesting, non-traditional home security launches
Home security has been the essential part of smart home solutions. Other than cameras, detectors and siren, with IoT and the related technology evolution, the home security products have been developed into different formats with innovative concepts. SMAhome collects the five interesting, non-traditional home security products in this collection.

1. LIFX+ Smart Light Bulb Has Infrared Light to Boost Home Security

The latest smart light bulbs from LIFX features infrared light for home security camera to see well. As the main light goes out, the invisible infrared light assists home security cameras to function. Although these cameras already work with their own infrared light, the latest product from LIFX can help the cameras to spot things in places they might not able to reach.

2. Instead of Cameras, Sunflower System Wants to Protect Home Security with Drones

The startup’s home security system, the Sunflower System, contains two elements such as Smart Lights and Flying Cameras (a drone). Smart Lights is a solar-powered smart lights with sensors. It can be installed in the walkways, lights up the home property and detect motion, sounds and vibrations.

3. An AI-based Wi-Fi Router Protects Connected Devices at Home 

The Wi-Fi router ‘Gryphon’ has a built-in software monitoring connected devices for unusual activities as it plugs into a broadband modem. With Gryphon, devices connecting via Wi-Fi such as smart thermostats and webcams can be controlled as cyber attack. The router can also scans ordinary traffic with antivirus tools.

4. Vayyar Enters Smart Home Market with Its Non-Camera 3D Imaging Sensor Technology

According to Vayyar, its 3D sensor is able to see through walls to detect, identify and track individual’s motion. At home environment, the camera-free monitoring environment can bring more privacy to the users. Without camera installed at home, Vayyar’s 3D imaging sensor is able to detect an elder falls or stop breathing. Further combination with other technologies to send alerts can provide healthcare monitoring without exposing user’s daily privacy.

5. The Mobile App ‘Fortiphi’ is Designed as A Tool to Protect IoT Devices at Home

When a connected home device is detected being hacked or unauthorized attempt to connect the device occurs, the Fortiphi system will isolate the device and send notifications via the app to the user. The user can choose to clear or to keep the quarantine until the intention of connection is identified. The users can also set a timeline to quarantine some connected devices any time they want via the app.

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